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Our tours are designed to educate and create enjoyment for every hiker or snowshoer. We do more than just hike, we slow down, and look and see whats around us and look for "whats not supposed to be there", to really see whats there. Your touring with a greatly trained wildlife technician, be ready to learn.


Our wildlife stories and experiences are imperative to keep alive in the ageless relationship we all have with mother nature. To feel the excitement and witness the event or sighting while passing it on to others who may appreciate it. Share, know and look for what's not supposed to be there, and there it'll be, waiting for you. 


With so much to do in the Georgian Bay Community, we try to incorporate our wildlife tours and hikes with a drink from our local wineries to cideries, Bee keeping apiaries . Or try your hand at making maple syrup for the day. We also love snowshoeing here and you'll be in good hands as the coyotes sing at night.



A wildlife experience is not just for the bush. We can bring my experiences to the class room too. Together, we can observe pond life in large jars and the variety of species that co-exist. Learn bird songs and bird id, then take this knowledge into the field and test your skills out. Get hands on with real animal skulls and pelts. 

We can also public speak at schools, colleges or for local nature groups.


Get Involved

Got a great!! Idea or connection you think we could collaborate with..??? 

Don't be shy!!! click and call us today 

Our mission is to create a collaborative sustainable community! We all have that special something to offer and share. Let save some land , plant some seeds and co-create together as a community. 

Land Trust

Currently in the works of creating a Local Land trust initiative in The South Georgian Bay and Simcoe Community. This initiative will fill in the gaps in our fragile eco system due to over development. We hope to Launch a Large Land acquisition Trust to help threaten species, run educational workshops on permaculture, sustainable foraging, Native pollinators and backyard Bee keeping.

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