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What grade of maply syrup do you like? Join us in March, maybe even late Feburary for a day of tapping sugar trees and boiling down the sap. Backing onto 50 acres of beautiful country side, feel free to snowshoe and explore while the sap boils down. Outside of being so darn sweet, maple syrup requies a lot of love and patience to reduce 40 gallons of sap into 1 gallon of delicious syrup.


We are very fortunate to live in the Collingwood area where we experince 4 full seasons of weather. With every season comes a variety of wildlife and plant life. Join us on one of our seasonal tours and see what I see and how I interpret my surroundings. Learn how to identify animal tracks and bird songs. Discover the names of the wonderful wild flowers and berry shrubs that inhabit our country sides. 


We LOVE snowshoing up in here in the Blue Mountains! After this past winter and heading for another snowy one, there is no better place to be than on your snowshoes hiking through the bush. It can be quite magical winding your way through the snow filled pines anticipating that warm cup of hot chocolate and cookies waiting for you at the end. 

Kids Experience

"My son David would have never have gained a greater understanding of Natures Anatomy without Mr. Majors educational tour curriculum"
~Meaload Family
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