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Where did it all start?!?


Andrew Major, a fish and wildlife technician that loves the outdoors and sharing his passion with everyone. A local boy, Andrew grew up south of Meaford on a hobby farm raising chickens, tapping trees and soaking up as much knowledge of his surrounding wildlife as he could. 


Andrew has worked all over Canada performing aquatic, terrestrial and breeding bird surveys in all types of landscapes. Performing majority of his work and spending majority of his life outside in the 'field', Andrew is far more comfortable outside engaging curious learners about their surroundings.  

"My Dream is to share and educate those that have a passion for wildlife or are finding one.  My time spent in the field has been like non-other. Some would say Magical!"
~Andrew T Major

I was born in Frobisher Bay, NWT; there is no bush or forest there. When my family moved to a 50 acre farm south of Meaford, I made it a daily routine to either venture in to the bush or go to the pond. In the bush, I was at my most comfortable and would wander through adjacent forests for hours. I soaked it up. There is so much to discover hiking in the bush, you just have to look carefully.


Outside of hiking the bush, I have spent countless hours at any one of our several ponds. For me, pond life is something to really get excited about. Ponds are a habitat for so many diffferent animals and at different times
of the day and year. There is so much to see, learn and catch and release while visiting a pond. Between hiking the bush and exploring my ponds growing up, my passion for the outdoors and wildlife became instilled within me.

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