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Educational TOURS

Snowy Owl PROWL!!!*Winter only, running all WEEK!


As soon as the mercury drops below 0 degrees Celsius, get your binoculars out because we are experiencing Snowy Owls on the move !! Year after year, Snowy owls make the long trek from their arctic summer grounds to their winter hunting grounds, which happens to be right in our backyard. 

Lucky us!! Snowy Owls love the cold and love hunting in the afternoon. Bring your camera and warm clothes and we'll go on a Snowy Owl Prowl and find these majestical birds perched on telephone poles, fences, barns, and hay bails. Be prepared for some up close opportunities for close you can watch their heads pivot like a turret, scanning for their next meal. 






SPECIAL SNOWY OWL Prices: for 2-2.5hrs personalized tour

for 2 people cost $65 per Adult

and $85 for Single Adults.


This tour  includes driving and some walking to view the owls and

other wildlife that we may encounter on the tour.  

Be prepared to see some exciting winter migrants to out area!!


Snowshoe!!!!*starting in Decemeber running all WEEK!


The snow will be flying by then, and as the snow deepens in December, you'll be gliding on your snowshoes loving every moment of not sinking in to your knees. I'll guide you through the Loree Forest pointing out animal tracks and who made them and the tree species along the trail. As we make our way to the north side of the trail, we'll stop for a cup of hot chocolate and cookies and you can take in the spectacular views of Georgian Bay in the winter.   

If you have never snowshoed before, don't worry, after a quick tutorial, you won't want to take them off.






2hr personalized tours with a Wildlife Technician.

Cost $65 per adult up to two adults and $35 per child

Adult groups with more than two costs are $60 per adult


Tour includes snowshoe rental and 

hot chocolate with whipcream

and marshmallow and treats.

Great opportunities for awesome pictures too!!

Trail Hikes with Wildlife Interpretation *Running all WEEK!


Trail hiking takes place on a combination of trails, which include private lands, MNR and Bruce Trails. All the trials are part of diverse forest habitats that will captivate you with the views, sights, smells, beauty and richness of biomass.  Be prepared to search for lead-backed salamanders, locate problematic species like gypsy moths or ash borers, learn what animals are living in the forest based on their tracks and scat and identify the array of plants and tree species found in our ecozone. 

Each season brings different experiences so choose your date and lets go for a hike in the bush!

Call or email to reserve spot

cost $55 per adult and $25 per child for 2hrs

Adult groups with more that two cost are $50 per adult

Pair wine with your Tour 


Share a tour with me through the Loree forest or Nottawasaga bluffs then taking in the sights and smells

of the bush. Then with your sniffer working, drive a short distance to the Georgain Gills Vineyeards and taste some of their award winning local wines.






Must book 7days out to hold spot

2hr Tour including Georgian Hills Wine

tasting & cheese pairing 

cost $75 per person

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