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I have been working with tree maintenance for the last 9 years and have recently incorporated my skills in servicing local communities managing their arborist concerns. I am insured and have my Chainsaw Awareness certification.  I also have my certifications for Working at Heights and Elevated work platforms. 



Following a sustainable model ensures the correct decisions are made before cutting trees.  Trees may be removed for aesthetic reasons but when looking closer, the space is now exposed to sun and new growth for plant life can begin.  Conversely, diseased trees need to be removed to stop the spread of disease and avoid damage to property.  

In an effort to reuse the tree we split the trunk for fire wood, chip the brush to be donated to local gardens and trails, and donate other parts of tree for kids workshops in local elementary schools.



A degree in Fish and Wildlife from Fleming College has provided me the skills to identify plants and shrubs, measure tree diameters by using the DBH mode and analyze forests using  the Ecological Land Classification. For woodlot management, I have experience with the Managed Forest tax Incentive Program.


Competitive Pricing

I provide free consultations and estimates.  Our prices reflect our intention to repurpose quality wood and brush for local community initiatives.  We aim for zero waste.

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